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Whether it be a new build, a tenant improvement, or a remodel Merak offers a wide scope of services for multiple business sectors.  From concept to reality, we’ve got you covered.

Site Selection

Already have a site in mind for your new building, but not sure what your next steps should be? No worries, Merak has you covered.  Our in-house design team can provide you with the answers needed to make sure your site is best suited for your needs. There are multiple aspects to consider during site selection:

- Will my building fit on this site?
- What are the zoning restrictions?
- Are there any prohibitive public easements?
- What are the permitting requirements?
- Are there existing utilities nearby?

These are just a few of the many site characteristics an Owner must know when considering a new build.  Merak has the in-house capabilities to efficiently guide you through the due diligence and red tape.


Project Delivery Method—Which method is best suited for your project? Your overall goals for your project will help identify which method is best for you.
- Construction Manager as Agent/Advisor up front estimating, moderate risk, budget conscious.
- Construction Manager At-Risk—lower risk, up front estimating, moderate cost.
- Design-Build—fast track schedule, higher cost.
- Design-Bid-Build—high risk, unknown cost until bids received
- Schematics, Design Development, Contract Documents
- Permitting
- Estimating – From concept all the way through final design
- Biddability, Constructibility, Operability, and Environmental Review.
- Development of scopes of work and creation of bid packages.
- Solicitation—Administration of the bidding process, sourced from our pool of prequalified contractors.
- Qualification of Bids—The lowest bid is not always the best. From time-to-time contractors will miss major items related to their scope of work during bid, which can ultimately hurt your project financially. Our vetting process prevents this from happening.
- Source Selection—after bids are qualified, we make contractor recommendations to you based on a lowest price technically acceptable evaluation method.
- Contracting—Merak uses AIA contracts, the widely accepted industry standard, on all projects

Construction Management

- Site Feasibility
- Planning
- Cost Estimation
- Construction/Contract Document Creation
- Bidding Process
- Contract Admin
- Owner Representative
- Site Supervision

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Construction Sectors Served

- Commercial
- Infrastructure
- Healthcare
- Industrial
- Multi-Family
- Manufacturing

What our clients say

“It's a breath of fresh air seeing a contractor that delivers results...

“We are honored and thrilled to be working with you and your outstanding team. It's a breath of fresh air seeing a contractor that delivers results at a professional level as the Merak Group has”

Roger Shepard
Director of Operations
Broken Arrow Public Schools