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Whether it be a new build, a tenant improvement, or a remodel Merak offers a wide scope of services for multiple business sectors.  From concept to reality, we’ve got you covered.

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Site Selection

Already have a site in mind for your new building, but not sure what your next steps should be? No worries, Merak has you covered.  Our in-house design team can provide you with the answers needed to make sure your site is best suited for your needs. There are multiple aspects to consider during site selection:

- Will my building fit on this site?
- What are the zoning restrictions?
- Are there any prohibitive public easements?
- What are the permitting requirements?
- Are there existing utilities nearby?

These are just a few of the many site characteristics an Owner must know when considering a new build.  Merak has the in-house capabilities to efficiently guide you through the due diligence and red tape.

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Project Delivery Method—Which method is best suited for your project? Your overall goals for your project will help identify which method is best for you.
- Construction Manager as Agent/Advisor up front estimating, moderate risk, budget conscious.
- Construction Manager At-Risk—lower risk, up front estimating, moderate cost.
- Design-Build—fast track schedule, higher cost.
- Design-Bid-Build—high risk, unknown cost until bids received

- Schematics, Design Development, Contract Documents
- Permitting
- Estimating – From concept all the way through final design
- Biddability, Constructibility, Operability, and Environmental Review.
- Development of scopes of work and creation of bid packages.
- Solicitation—Administration of the bidding process, sourced from our pool of prequalified contractors.
- Qualification of Bids—The lowest bid is not always the best. From time-to-time contractors will miss major items related to their scope of work during bid, which can ultimately hurt your project financially. Our vetting process prevents this from happening.
- Source Selection—after bids are qualified, we make contractor recommendations to you based on a lowest price technically acceptable evaluation method.
- Contracting—Merak uses AIA contracts, the widely accepted industry standard, on all projects

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Construction Management

- Site Feasibility
- Planning
- Cost Estimation
- Construction/Contract Document Creation
- Bidding Process
- Contract Admin
- Owner Representative
- Site Supervision

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Construction Sectors Served

- Commercial
- Infrastructure
- Healthcare
- Industrial
- Multi-Family
- Manufacturing

What our clients say

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“They did an amazing work for us”

“I'm extremely happy with Merak and the speed that they work”

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Kathie Corl
Brooklyn, New York